Samsung’s Galaxy S flagship phone have gained so much market. As the new Galaxy S IV is expected to launch very soon, the excitement level on consumer market is the same as that of an iPhone’s launch.  The upcoming phone of the Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S4 has engaged the tech industry by plenty of rumors and leaks specs and images.  Samsung Galaxy S3 had some pretty cool features, like shutter camera, smart stay mode and bump to transfer files.  If we look at the previous features we certainly expect some mind blowing features that would be coming up in the galaxy S4.

Eye-Tracking Scroll

According to some rumors and leaked content, that the new Galaxy S4 would be having an eye track scrolling feature. This feature will track your eye movement and scroll left to right or top to bottom with respect to the position of your eyes. This feature will be quite handy in reading some documents or when navigating apps on the app drawer.

Octa processor and more memory.

Imagine a phone having 8 cores of CPU performance, well rumors say that the upcoming Galaxy S4 will be having 8 cores Eynos processor. The most powerful mobile processors in market up till this date have 4 cores of CPU, and they are quite fast. Apart from having an octa processor it will be shipping up with a 2 Gigabyte of RAM. Specs wise it is quite par from the iPhone 5.

Edge to Edge display

Galaxy S4 is expected to have a 4.99 inch display, which will be edge to edge to its plastic body. This display would be having a pixel density of 441 pixels per inch which is less then the newly launched HTC one which has 469 pixels per inch.

Cover photo by Marcus Carlsson

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