Chinese phone market have evolved over the years, companies up there are now into making their own brand rather then making cheap clones. With passage of time companies like Meizu, Xiaomi, ainol, JiaYU have made their brand notable not only in China but in other countries too. One major advantage of having a Chinese phone over well established branded phones is that they are cheap and offers the same specs as other major branded phones in market.

Here are some of the killer Chinese android phones that would bamboozle you.


Meizu MX

Meizu is not the cheapest of brand available, but the quality it offers is worth the money. Meizu MX series comes up in two different specs: a dual core one and a quad core. Meizu MX series offers you Flyme OS which is an android variant. Flyme OS has its own app store. This phone is packed with  a 4 core Samsung’s eyenos processor along with 1700mAh battery.  Meizu MX 4 core is available for a price of $407.


Xiaomi M2

Last year Xiaomi M1 phone’s was very successful in sales, this year they are trying to capture even a bigger market by their top notch Xiaomi M2 phone. This phone has breath taking specs. It comes up with a 4.0″ multi touch 720p display, a snapdragon s4 quad core processor clocked at 1.5Ghz and a 2 GB DDR3 Ram. It is also equipped with a rear 12MP CMOS camera and 1.3 MP front camera and a quite a good battery of 2000mAh battery.  This phones will cost you $399.9. It comes with MIUI pre installed.


OPPO Finder

OPPO Finder phone is at the low end if compared to Xiomi M2 or Meizu MX 4 core. This phone has unique features just like Meizu which is custom android variant OPPO unique.  This phone comes up with a 4.3 inch super AMOLED plus screen, a 1,5GHz dual core processor along with 1GB built in RAM….8 MP rear camera can record 1080p videos. Its 6.5 mm super slim body makes it one of the thinnest smartphones available in the market.

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