A 4 year naked boy found in an apartment with her dead mom in New Jersey. Reports says that her mom was dead for 4 to 5 days and the boy survived by eating from a bag of sugar.

Boy weighs 26 pounds (11.8 K.g) that is below normal. The boy’s first request after being found by the police was a grilled cheese sandwich and a juice. He was too weak to open the refrigerator and was unable to even open a can of soup. His mother was identified on Wednesday as Kiana Workman who is 38 years old and is from New York City’s Brooklyn. A maintenance workers at the apartment complex in northern New Jersey found rotting smell and he reported the Police.

The boy is under state custody he is mentally disturbed, It is a horrible for such a young child’s mental development as he spent 4 to 5 days beside his dead mother. People are calling from all over the world to adopt the boy and sending toys and gifts for him.

via Huffington Post

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