When iPhone was released in 2007, it shook the world, it was a milestone in developing smartphones of today. It totally changed the trends of smartphones. iOS is always associated with ease of use and simplicity, as and I am an Android user, when I use Android I encountered some problems, which are quite annoying and sometimes pain in the ass. Here are 5 reasons.

1) Access to the file system

You can’t access the file system directly in iOS. For some people it’s ok that OS is managing your files and you are tension free, but same can’t be said for every other person out there. People like me like to organize data in a different way. Some people might think that organizing data by yourself is a cumbersome process, but it sometimes actually works faster and more organized for you..

2) File type Association

In iOS you can’t associate something to an app, iOS don’t lets you change your default browser or anything.  For example if you prefer Chrome or dolphin browser over Safari, then your out of luck as iOS wont let you change it as a default browser. If someone shares a link with you through a mail or text message, then those who are using iOS have to do this pain in the ass process by first opening that link in safari, secondly copy that link and finally pasting that in your desired browser. Now coming on to Android if you click on a link in an mail or text message it prompts up a message asking which browser to choose to open up this link.  I thought using iOS was easy dah!

3) Accessing Address

In terms of opening an address on maps from a particular web page, iOS is still living in stone age, you have to copy up the address and then open up a map service app to access that particular address. Android is smart enough to recognize addresses on web pages. If you tap and hold on one, it prompts different apps that you can choose to access that address.

4) Don’t you dare try to make a custom Ringtone

Looks like it’s a sin to make your own custom ringtone on iOS, Apple have made this task extremely difficult for their users. You can’t simply download a ringtone on your iPhone and make it as your ringtone! Yes! If you are that desperate to make that particular ringtone firstly you have to download that mp3 on your Mac or PC, sync it with your iTunes and transfer it your phone.
If we look at doing the sames process on Android we can simply download our custom ringtone on our phone and with just a simple tap and hold it will give us option to make it as our ringtone.

5) Customizing UI

Your home is your springboard, in Android your home is your desktop and app drawer is placed differently. In Android you can simply customize your desktop with different widgets, which gives you information without opening up apps. In iOS only thing you can customize is the background.

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