Here are some very useful quick tips for saving Your Android’s phone’s battery life:

1) Use Wifi when Necessary

Wifi drains your battery a lot quicker, so make sure that your Wifi is off when not in use.

2) Limit your Data Plan

Constant updates from 3G data plan also decreases your battery timing, make sure you limit data plan for meaningful purpose.

3) Use Less widgets

Widgets are quite handy as they gave you instance information, but they also suck up your battery quite quickly. Make sure that you use useful widgets like weather update etc, avoid widgets that needs constant update like facebook etc.

4) Uninstall Unnecessary apps

If you are lethargic and don’t bother to uninstall apps which you don’t even use, they can take a large chunk of your phone’s battery. Make sure you get rid of them as soon as possible. You never know that the app you ain’t using is running in background, engaging your RAM and indirectly eating up your battery.

5) Shut your GPS

GPS is a key feature of today’s smart phone, but this smart feature gets the better of you when it comes to drain your battery life. Make sure that your GPS when your at work or at home.

6) Disable Push Notifications

Disabling push notifications improves your battery life by a fraction.

 Cover image by: laihiu

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