After launching iTunes last December in Indian market, Apple is attempting to increase its cash flow by launching the Apple TV. A 400% increase in their sales over the past year have made them think to penetrate deep into Indian market. Apple might face difficulty regarding initial sales of its TV as satellite TV in India is on boom and media streaming is comparatively something new.

The retail price of Rs. 7,900 which is about $146 might attract people. This product will be a huge advantage for people in India who were seeking similar service like Netflix and Hulu. One more advantage that the Apple TV holds is cheap availability of content. Rental for SD content starts from Rs 80 which is about $1.48, and for HD rentals starts from Rs 120 which is about $2.22. A viewer has 30 days to start watching rental content. Once the rental content is accessed, a user can start watching it as many times as he/she wants in 48 hours. A movie can be bought for Rs 490 which is about $9.05.


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