Every year, Apple launches it’s back to school promo that attracts many back-to-schoolers (And other Apple devices buyers ) who love Apple products. This year, Apple is giving away $100 App Store/iTunes Store/iBookstore gift card  to those who buy a Mac and $50 App Store/iTunes Store/iBookstore gift card to the buyers of iPhone or iPad.

The program launches in January in Australia and has launched this month in US. The program will end in the beginning of September for US. The offer is available only at the authorized Apple stores, Apple’s online store, authorized apple retailers and authorized campus stores.

Apple’s iPad has contributed a lot in modernizing the digital education. In schools and colleges, iPad is considered the modern and popular device for education. A lot of apps have been developed for academics and there are a lot of amazing apps especially for special education. When it comes to modern education, Apple’s iOS devices are on lead as compared to other hand held devices like Android and Windows Phone. iOS developers have shown some serious effort to make iOS devices the primary source of modern education.

With $50 on iPad, you can buy enough amount of books from iBooks for your one year at school (For some, it might be enought for one semester). It is a good deal.

Check out Apple’s back to school promo here

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