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Samsung Galaxy Camera is an awesome device that features a point and shoot camera powered by Android. Unlike the other Android devices, Camera app on Samsung Galaxy camera offers some really cool features fo... ...Read More
The most awesomely simplistic (In my opinion) RSS feed reader on iOS and Mac: Reeder, has been updated with Feedly Support. This is awe... ...Read More
Microsoft Office is the most popular set of office automation apps. I have been using Microsoft office since my school days and have composed hundreds of important documents and presentations since then. The... ...Read More
Every year, Apple launches it's back to school promo that attracts many back-to-schoolers (And other Apple devices buyers ) who love Ap... ...Read More
Virtual Private Network or VPN application is used for security reasons to hide your IP address as you are using Wi-Fi in public place like Airport, Restaurants as through IP address your current location ... ...Read More
We all read news on daily basis, whether its sports, business, politics, entertainment or anything. Going on a particular website to read a particular news is a little hassle these days because news so... ...Read More
Have a business idea? Don't know how to convert it from an idea to professional design? Or make it ready for the development phase? Or maybe you are a hobbyist programmer and never jumped in the complexity ... ...Read More
They famous and very addictive, Plants Vs Zombies, is now free for iOS users. Download it now be... ...Read More
Not sure about which live wallpaper to choose? How about making your own?  Moment-Live Wallpaper let's you do ... ...Read More
If you often forget little things to do on a daily basis, then Keep Track Pro app is a handy solution. Keep Tra... ...Read More