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In the last Google I/O Conference, Google launched HTC One Google Play Edition to let Android lovers enjoy the purity and awesomeness of stock Android ROM. Those who have bought the HTC One device before th... ...Read More
Every year, Apple launches it's back to school promo that attracts many back-to-schoolers (And other Apple devices buyers ) who love Ap... ...Read More
HTC and Samsung nowadays are the biggest competitors of Android phones all over the world. HTC One VS Samsung Galaxy S4 will be the first significant smartphone battle of 2013.... ...Read More
Samsung's Galaxy S flagship phone have gained so much market. As the new Galaxy S IV is expected to launch very soon, the excitement level on consumer market is the same as that of an iPhone's launch.  The ... ...Read More
Usually people transfer data from their PC to an Android device using a data cable and card reader. Most of us don't know the ease of transferring data from your PC/Mac to an Android device wirelessly. He... ...Read More
When iPhone was released in 2007, it shook the world, it was a milestone in developing smartphones of today. It totally changed the trends of smartphones. iOS is always associated with ease of use and simp... ...Read More
In order to try different flavors of Android, one simply have to install custom ROMs. Custom ROMs have several advantages. They can be used to install the latest version of Android OS on officially unsupport... ...Read More
People who use to own a PC in the 80s and 90s often talk about the old flavors that were offered back then. It may be because it was their earliest memories of PC.  PC games back then were simple and fun to... ...Read More
If you are a mobile gamer and you play First Person Shooter multiplayer games and you are pissed on your ass getting kicked, then I have got a nice solution for you that will turn things upside down for you.... ...Read More
If you own an android phone and you are into customizing the look and feel of your device, then TFS shell can be an ideal solution.  If you prefer Ubuntu mobile OS, Microsoft windows phone UI over android t... ...Read More