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Chinese phone market have evolved over the years, companies up there are now into making their own brand rather then making cheap clones. With passage of time companies like Meizu, Xiaomi, ainol, JiaYU hav... ...Read More
Rooting an android device isn't that risky as most people think, though warranty of your gadget is at stake. Rooting your device gives you some advantages that aren't possible to have on a non-rooted device.... ...Read More
UAVs or drones are U.S. Army's most commonly used aerial weapons against Al-Qaeda. Ever wondered, how do these technically backward Al-Qaida terrorists avoid such attacks?... ...Read More
Here are some very useful quick tips for saving Your Android's phone's battery life:... ...Read More
Countdown has started for the PlayStation 4 reveal meeting which would be kicking off in 13 hours at New York. Some major news regarding the new console from Sony are expected. Release date and price of upco... ...Read More
Plenty of rumors are surrounding the upcoming Xbox and PlayStation. Well these rumors will keep coming untill Sony or Microsoft feed us with an official update, and that wont be happening before E3 or any ... ...Read More
After launching iTunes last December in Indian market, Apple is attempting to increase its cash flow by launching the Apple TV. A 400% increase in their sales over the past year have made them think to pen... ...Read More
Today, Apple has released a 28 MB updated versions as iOS 6.1.2 that fixes a bug that could cause battery drainage in exchange calendar. Battery drainage is a result of increased network activity in Excha... ...Read More
Apple has come up with 2 new TV commercials today. One is called  Alive that you can see ...Read More
Apple has just released 2 new TV Ads. This one is called Alive. You can see the other one here. It shows how lively the iPad feels in your hands.... ...Read More