Not sure about which live wallpaper to choose? How about making your own?  Moment-Live Wallpaper let’s you do that! This app lets you make an Android live wallpaper any video in your phone.

This app is available for $1.57 from the Play Store. It is compatible with devices running Android 4.04 Ice Cream Sandwich and above. If you want to make good live wallpapers with this app, make sure that you have a video with good frame per seconds, otherwise finishing result wont be that soothing to eyes. You can also import videos from other sources to make live wallpaper too.


You can also add some filters and 3D effects to enhance your Live Wallpaper. The app comes up with 2 pre-loaded wallpapers, that serve as a guide for applying different effects and filters.

Download Moment-Live Wallpaper.

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