If you own an android phone and you are into customizing the look and feel of your device, then TFS shell can be an ideal solution.  If you prefer Ubuntu mobile OS, Microsoft windows phone UI over android then you can achieve your desired result with the help of TFS shell.

This utility makes switching between apps faster by applying some gestures. If you like ROMS like MIUI, then you don’t have to install custom ROM any more, you rather should revamp your phone with the help of  TFS Shell. Its active online community have lots of theme to choose from.

I myself today tried to style my tablet with the look and feel of Ubuntu mobile. Firstly I was trying to search how to install Ubuntu mobile OS on my tablet and I found out that, it can be installed only on Nexus tablet and phones. The only option I had was to watch this video by Armando Ferreira called “How To Theme Your Android Phone Ubuntu Boss Style“.

In order to theme your android phone or tablet just like Ubuntu you have to install the following applications

1) TSF shell

2) TSF MIUI theme.

3)Widget Locker

4) Bing Board social widget.

5) Simple Calender Widgets

6) Pure music widget

7) Ultimate Custom widget

8) Minimal reader widget

9) JB+ Clock widget

10) Aix weather widget

11) UBUNTU restore file by Armando Ferriera

How To

1) Extract SD card files UBUNTU into the root of your phone.

2)Install TSF launcher, after installing it open up the side menu, open up gestures and assign your desirable gestures for different functions.

3) Open up WidgetLocker, Skip the tutorial, press the button on top right corner, you will be presented a menu
select Backup/Restore. From the backup and restore menu select Restore, a box will pop up saying “Restore Preferences” will have your UBUNTU LOCK file select it. After selecting that grant it Super User access.

3) Setup your live wallpaper by going into live wallpaper menu and then select multipicture live wallpaper. Make sure you select 5 different pictures, which are given in UBUNTU folder.

4) After setting your live wallpapers its time to install some widgets. You can install widgets the way you like.

After finishing that up your android theme would look similar to UBUNTU mobile OS in order to make things easier you could simply follow a visual guide of Armando Ferrira’s video.


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