If you are a mobile gamer and you play First Person Shooter multiplayer games and you are pissed on your ass getting kicked, then I have got a nice solution for you that will turn things upside down for you.

Devices running Honeycomb and greater version have native USB support which means that you can hookup most of your USB peripherals to your device. Devices with Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean can easily handle USB game controllers. Many cross platform games available on android initially had support for game controller but later it was removed due to unprecedented advantage gained by Android users over iOS.

We all know that playing first person shooter games with a touch a screen isn’t that ideal as compared to playing with a game controller or mouse/keyboard. Any one would trade touch controls with physical controls.  Now you can easily add your preferable controllers buy spending few bucks.

Firstly you would be needing a USB OTG (on the go) cable. USB OTG cable lets you hook up your usb peripherals to your device. Android supports xbox 360 controller only but, you can still use other controller buy purchasing USB/BT joystick center or Six axis controller app.

USB/BT joystick supports many game controllers, it also installs drivers of your game controller and make it workable for your device.If you have a PS3 controller I would recommend you to buy sixaxis controller app. Sixaxis app and USB/BT joystick center lets you map onscreen controls and make games playable with game controller.

With this game controller setup you can easily kick some ass on First Person Shooter Multiplayer games.

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