People who use to own a PC in the 80s and 90s often talk about the old flavors that were offered back then. It may be because it was their earliest memories of PC.  PC games back then were simple and fun to play, and that is one of the reason that those games still have cult following.

Games such as UFO: Enemy unknown, Wolfenstein, Transport tycoon, Prince of Persia, Quest series by Sierra and Monkey Island by Lucas arts are still played and enjoyed by many. Since people are moving away from desktop and laptops and are opting for portable and convenient devices like tablets and phones. So the question that arises in our mind is weather these portable devices are good enough classic games, the answer is yes.  Today’s smartphones and tablets are more than 10 times faster than the 386, 486 computers.


In order to play classic games you need to install emulators like DOSBOX or ScummVM on your device. The best DOSBOX emulator available for android is DOSBOX turbo, it handles your games smoothly than any other DOS emulator available in the market. In order to add more classic game experience I would recommend you to get yourself a keyboard for your tablet, as playing classic games with touch is quite annoying. Check out our guide for using gaming controller with your Android device.

After installing your emulator, you would be needing roms of games. Most of the DOS games have been abandoned and are free to play, you can find all the dos games at This site has almost all of the games, most of them are free, but there are plenty which can still cost you money such as UFO: enemy unknown, Quest series by sierra and many others.


If you are into point and click games such as Monkey Island, Day of the tentacle, Flight of the Amazon Queen etc then you should try out ScummVM. ScummVM is a cross platform application it is available on every other platform you could imagine from desktop to mobile. Back in 2004 I use to have ScummVM on my Nokia 6600 which was a symbian s60V2.  ScummVM is ideal to play point to click games.

Cover image by blakespot

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