Usually people transfer data from their PC to an Android device using a data cable and card reader. Most of us don’t know the ease of transferring data from your PC/Mac to an Android device wirelessly. Here are some of the best apps that allow you to transfer data through wireless networks.

Wi-Fi File Explorer allows you to manage your pictures, music, videos over a wireless network from your computer. The purpose of this application is to save time by getting rid of data transfer through a cable or a memory card reader. Costs $0.95.

Open the app after download and you will acquire an address which you will enter into your computer’s web browser. Now your web browser will act as a file server. You can left click on a file and multiple options will appear.  If you transfer a file, click download and file will be transferred to your desktop from your Android device. If you are worried about the security of your mobile if you are connected to an insecure (key-less) Wireless network in a public place, you can assign a password to your file sharing service easily.

Download Wi-Fi File Explorer

Air Droid is another application similar to Wi-fi File Explorer although AirDroid has a better GUI then Wi-fi File Explorer. It is also free but lacks in few options that are available in Wi-Fi File Explorer.

Download Air Droid.

Cover image by: laihiu

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