Posterous is shutting down and many people love it. There are many who use it for daily blogging and really don’t want their online presence to vanish. You can backup your Posterous space but one with no technical know-how can not get their posts up on the internet again easily.

Thanks to 3CRUMBS team who have just launched JustMigrate, a service to move your Posterous Space to Tumblr. It is free if you are moving up to 100 posts. You need to pay $10 for 250 posts and $25 for 200 posts. Also there is a limit to Tumblr’s API for posts upload. You can upload up to 250 posts and 75 photos a day but don’t worry, JustMigrate will queue your posts if there are more than 250 and will upload them step by step everyday.

via TechCrunch, cover image by JustMigrate

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