Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton,  nearly lost her shoe when it got stuck in a grate. Now it seems to happen everyday to thousands of women worldwide but because it happened with Duchess of Cambridge, everyone is wanking about it. 

This incident happened when Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were attending Patrick’s day ceremony. The Duchess was wearing high heels, and high heels often makes you stumble. After this incident happened,  every other person became a shoe expert. Different media personals are approaching professional shoe experts and asking their views.

Why can’t they just fuck off and cover something which is of worth. What if an ordinary woman’s shoe gets stuck and she dies, no one gives a fuck about that. Millions of people on earth don’t even have shoes to wear and we are wasting our time on this. And, oh please, if you are still interested to know more about this incident. Please Google it. I am off.

Cover Image via Glamour

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