If you read news on your laptop, mobile or on your tablet device then you are making the world a better place to live.

Today, most people read their news from blogs instead of newspapers, they read their novels on tablets they dont have to wait for the morning or evening newspaper to see what is going on in the world . They just see it all on the internet and save newspaper bills.

This trend has really hurt the print industry, as but the good thing is that there is observed a massive slow down in global warming because of the less use of paper.

Around 68 percent of the lumber industry in the world is supported by the demand for paper in developed countries, a demand that is now dropped to less then 30 percent since past seven years and mills are closing down. That is why, less deforestation is happening ,and making the mother earth more sustainable.Creating paper isn’t just about cutting down trees. The process of chewing up all that wood into pulp is a huge contributor of metahne and green house gases as well.

Experts predict that this one minor change in our lifestyle is going to have a massive reversal effect on the entire planet.

via: Cracked


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