The most awesomely simplistic (In my opinion) RSS feed reader on iOS and Mac: Reeder, has been updated with Feedly Support. This is awesome because recently when Google Reader was on the roll, we could just sync or Google Reader feeds with Reeder and could enjoy the synced reading experience around all other devices or places that support Google Reader.

It broke my heart when I came to know that Google Reader is being discontinued. My favorite reading app, Reeder, was no longer the same without Google Reader sync support because Google Reader was my primary RSS reader.

Yesterday, I saw Reeder’s update on the App Store that stated that they have Feedly support. It lighted up my day because days of reading my favorite RSS with Reeder are back (Yes this is how crazy I am about Reeder because it is an awesome app).

Feedly has surely captured a huge pie of RSS reader market since Google Reader got discontinued.

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