Plenty of rumors are surrounding the upcoming Xbox and PlayStation. Well these rumors will keep coming untill Sony or Microsoft feed us with an official update, and that wont be happening before E3 or any Sony’s and Microsoft’s event. The latest rumors surrounding the new PlayStation states it will be controllable with your phone.

Rumors state that new console from Sony is expected to hit the retail market in November this year, with a starting price of $429. The price and release date aren’t concrete yet, they might change.

Last week we saw leaked picture of PlayStation 4 controller, which had touch enabled strip. That leaked photo and the latest rumors surrounding the new PlayStation, clearly suggest that the upcoming console would be touch oriented. The concept of using a touch enabled device as a secondary display was first introduced by Nintendo on its Wii U console. Microsoft followed them by introducing SmartGlass  an app which tuns your smartphone or tablets into secondary display.

I think Sony will be doing something similar to Microsoft’s SmartGlass by using phone or tablet as a secondary display. Sony might cash in their Xperia smartphones series for this job.

In my opinion, gamers will never welcome a fully touch enabled controller to control their games, they might welcome a secondary display to add new flavor to the existing experience. If both and Microsoft and Sony are thinking to replace traditional controllers with touch enabled devices, then I think it will be a huge set back.

 Cover Image by PseudoGi

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