We all read news on daily basis, whether its sports, business, politics, entertainment or anything. Going on a particular website to read a particular news is a little hassle these days because news sources websites are very high in number. Many news reader applications are available on Android and iOS that sync your desired news or feeds and present it in an awesome magazine style manner. These news readers not only save up your time by syncing all of your desired news, they also make you fall in love with their simple and easy to use yet eye candy interface.




This app blew up my mind. I spent several hours playing around with the app without getting bored. It’s magazine style interface is ideal to catch up with the latest news. Not only you can sync up your favorite news topics, you can also sync up your favorite websites that you use as a news source. You can also sync up your Facebook and twitter feed with this app. In my opinion Facebook looks way better on Flipboard than on the official app. This app is free of cost and its a must have for every news reader out their.

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Google Currents

Google Current

Seeing the success of Flipboard, Google launched its own news reader. It just works similarly to flipboard, but the experience isn’t that rich as flipboard. You can also sync up your Google reader feed as well. Its UI is simple and easy to navigate.

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Found an interesting news on the internet? and you don’t have the time to read it at that moment? then Pocket is a great app for you. Now you can simply pocket any article, news, webpage or video with a simple tap and it will be saved for you. You can access your saved webpages, articles videos on your tablet, phone and on PC or Mac via Google chrome.  You can also connect your Pocket account with Flipboard, to pocket articles.

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Cover image by Johan Larsson

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